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Tony Fragale

is an English speaking, male voice talent with an extremely versatile voice that is ideal for commercials, tv, radio, trailers, video games, cartoons, animation, internet, podcast, business, impressions, voice-mail, narration, audiobooks, websites, training material, marketing videos, telephony, ADR or any one of your projects that requires a professional voice.

Some of the many accents that Tony can perform are British, English, North American, Irish, Scottish, Australian, Italian, Spanish, African-American, Pirate, Urban, Jamaican, Indian, Southern U.S., Texan, Cowboy, Redneck, New Yorker, Mid-western, Surfer Dude, Stoner, Philly, Mobster, Wise Guy and many more.

Tony has also voiced numerous projects in the styles of Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow, Mike Rowe, Sam Elliott, Jon Hamm, Dos Equis Guy & Narrator, Stallone, Ricardo Montalban, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Soprano, Jack Nicholson, Homer Simpson, Jerry Seinfeld, J. Petermann, Stewie & Peter (Family Guy), Eric Idle, Gary Owens, Don Pardo and a host of others...just ask for a sample!

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